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FAQ's - Frequently Asked Questions


Welcome to 2ndHandBooks.com Frequently Asked Questions. Our goal is to provide 2ndHandBooks.com book and collectible customers with as accurate and timely information possible. If you have questions please check below. FAQs will continue to be expanded, so if you can't find the answer please check back later or try looking for the answer using the Help Modules.

1.   Can 2ndHandBooks.com help me find a book or collectible? 

Yes, we would be delighted to assist you if at all possible. If you don't find the book you're looking for from our database, please send us an e-mail. We will search our network of used bookstores and send you an update within two weeks. When we locate the book for you, we will quote you the price via E-mail, and acquire the book for you upon issue of your confirmation. For more information on this process, see our Terms of Sale

2.   Can I order my books or collectibles online?

Yes, you can order books or collectibles online. 2ndHandBooks.com offers several options. In order to see purchase options, click either on the title of the book or the "add to cart" options link of the book description on the Search Results page.

All 2ndHandBooks.com books and collectibles are available for purchase by VISA, MasterCard or PayPal through our secure server. Money Orders and Checks are welcomed, however, must be received prior to shipment processing. Telephone and Telefax orders are also welcomed.

3.   Sending Credit Card Numbers by Email

All orders for 2ndHandBooks.com books and collectibles are sent through 2ndHandBooks.com secure server. Our secure server software (SSL) is the industry standard and among the best software available for secure commerce transactions. SSL encrypts all of your personal information, including credit card number, name, and address, so that the information cannot be read as it travels over the Internet.

4.   Should I include my credit card number in an email?

You should not send credit card numbers over the web unless it is through a secure server. While it is unlikely the transfer is anything less than secure, we don't feel the minimal risk is worth the potential consequence.

5.   Can I search for a book if I do not know the title or the author? 

Yes. Click 'search' located on the bottom of our HomePage or click on the 'magnifying glass' icon beside the 'shopping bag' icon located on the top right corner of our website. The SEARCH field is used to enter keywords that may relate to the book or item you are seeking. It is important to know that keywords are generated by individual booksellers and may differ widely. Booksellers also use keywords to designate categories other than books, i.e., Music: LP, Records, sheet Music, Albums, CD, Vinyl. 

6.   How do I establish my personal Wish List with 2ndHandBooks.com? 

Coming Soon. Simply click "Wish List" for any item. That item will be displayed in your personal wish list for later purchase. Items can be added or removed from your personal wish list by clicking the appropriate buttons.

7.   Guidelines for Book Grading 

·       2ndHandBooks.com attempts to use the standards listed below to grade the condition of books prior to being listed in our on-line store. We recommend that prospective buyers refer to these standards to understand the condition of books they wish to purchase.

·       Mint / As New - A book that appears as it came from the publisher, without blemish or flaw. The dust jacket (if issued with the book and present) is without blemish or flaw. A Mint or As New book may have been read however maintains its original quality.

·       Fine - A Fine book comes near to a Mint or As New but is not as crisp and tight. Small defects such as minor tears in the dust jacket should be noted. The few minor defects are exceptions to the book's fine condition.

·       Very Good - Very Good means that a book shows minor signs of wear. There are no tears in the binding or pages. However, any defects are noted. Very Good books are not dog-eared, foxed, or shelf-cocked, or an Ex-Library copy unless so noted. 

·       Good - Good books are the most typical used books. They have some noticeable wear and fading and may show some looseness. Defects and wear are noted.

·       Fair - Fair books have very obvious wear. Some pages may be loose but the text material is complete. All defects and wear are so noted.

·       Poor (Also Reading Copy) - Poor or Reading copies have complete text but may be missing maps or plates. Such copies may be scruffy, beat up, stained and have broken or torn hinges and weak or missing spines.

·       Ex-Library - Ex-Library copies were once part of a public, university/college, or corporate library. They are usually identified with one or more markings of the library such as stampings, card pockets, cataloging numbers, etc. Frequently they are marked as discarded or withdrawn when sold by a library. Ex-Library copies are so identified in addition to describing the overall condition of the book. 

·       Book Club Edition - Book Club Editions are issued by various book clubs. They are frequently, but not always, of lesser quality than the same title sold in bookstores. Book Club editions are identified in addition to describing the overall condition of the book.