16 Classic American Recipes And The Stories Of How They Began

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Cookbook, History, American, Cooking, Recipes. Exciting recipes from every corner of America, from Maine to Miami to Monterey here Jean Anderson brings America's culinary past to life in exquisite detail. And to enhance this books contents appreciably the artist Tom McNeely, who is famous for his illustrations in National Geographic lends his talented hand for us to refocus our eyes on some of the most colorful people and periods of American history. Included is a Memorandum introducing this new book signed by Mr. Paul C. P. Mclhenny, Vice President of Mclhenny Company. (36 Pgs.) Beautiful full color pictorial illustrations on covers, VVG

AUTHOR: Jean Anderson & Tom McNeely, Artist
PUBLISHER: McIhenny Company, Avery Island, LA
YEAR: 1984
FORMAT: Softcover
EDITION: First Ed., with signed intro letter from Paul Mclhenny