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Many beautiful boxes in B/W and color. Boxes of ivory, ebony, gold and alabaster fromt he tomb of Tutankhamun. Gold leaf boxes inlaid with mother-of-pearl and lapis lazuli fromthe excavations of Ur. Carved Ivory boxes left behind by the artisans of Assyria. Earliest Boxes, English and Continental Boxes, Near Eastern and African Boxes, Boxes of Asia dnd the Pacific, Boxes of the Americas, Advice for collectors, glossary, reading and reference, Some public collection boxes. Indexed. Endpapers show a selection of boxes, c. 1820-45. Frontispiece shows Inro, five sections, black laquer and gold on wood decorated with lead, pottery, mother-of-pearl and tortoise shell. Edge of a few pages on the foot has a light blue stain, however the Book and DJ VVG, VVG. (128 Pgs.)

AUTHOR: William C. Ketchum, Jr.
PUBLISHER: The Smithsonian Institution
ISBN: LC# 8272760
YEAR: 1982
FORMAT: Hardcover
EDITION: First Ed.