Best in Children's Books #10

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Literature; Children; Short stories Lassie Come Home, The Story of William Tell, Penny and the White House, Rumplestiltskin, The Three Little Pigs, The Poppy Seed Cakes, Peanuts Are Not Nuts, The Sounds We Hear, Rhymes to Learn By, Animals of Africa, Traveling the Underground Railroad, Let's Visit Spain. (156 Pgs.) Includes map of Portugal at rear of book. Illustrated in beautiful color and B/W plates by Phoebe Erickson and Various Artists and Authors. Gray pictorial boards with colors of characters in Aqua with yellow spine. BOOK NEAR VVG.

AUTHOR: Knight, Baldwin, Bianco, Grimm, Jacobs, Clark, Ripley, Hurley, White, Burnham
PUBLISHER: Doubleday
YEAR: 1958
FORMAT: Hardcover