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Terms of Sale

General Policy
We guarantee each 2ndHandBook or Collectible to be in "good condition". Good Condition means a previously read book or previously owned Collectible that shows signs of wear and may have flaws depending upon age, but has all pages and leaves present and/or is as photographed. No other warranty is expressed or implied.

  • We accept PayPal, Checks or Money Orders.
  • Shipping charges are as noted per each item.
  • Return Policy 7 days after sale only when accompanied by Return Authorization.
  • Sales of Beanies, Beanie Buddies, Bears, and Dolls are final. These item are not returnable.
  • All items offered subject to prior sale or other disposition.

It is recommended you communicate via email any questions you may have about a specific item prior to placing an order. We would be pleased to pull the specific item and either call or email you the information you requested.

For Items Not In Our Database

  • Please send us an Email and we will search our network of used bookstores and send you an update within two weeks.
  • Once we locate the book for you, we will quote you the price via e-mail.
  • When you issue us a confirmation, we will acquire the book and dispatch for your account.
  • For Out-of-Stock items we accept only PayPal payment, as the market is too volatile for processing check payments.
  • Please note that each out-of-stock 2ndHandBook is a unique item and prices may vary considerably. The condition and price the supplier may want for his/her book are the sole factors for price determination.
  • You will not be charged until the book has been shipped to you. Typically about 2-3 weeks after we receive your approval.
  • All 2ndHandBooks or Collectibles are offered subject to prior sale or other disposition. Therefore, it is important we receive a quick response from you once we have located your out-of-stock 2ndHandBook or Collectible.

Thank you for shopping at 2ndHandBooks.com!

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