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Finest Crystal And China In The World



For USPS Priority Shipments customers will be e-mailed Delivery Confirmation Number and applicable charges upon shipment.
For Surface Mail Shipments customers will be e-mailed date of shipment and applicable charges.

For art, artifacts, china, clocks, décor, dolls, flatware, furniture, gifts, glassware, jewelry, lamps, novelties, porcelain, pottery, sculptures, vases, etc., actual shipping rates to be quoted upon request and/or will apply as quoted for the specific item ordered.

Published rates below are for books, CDs, Beanie and such related size/weight items and subject to change without notice.

Published rates below are subject to change without notice.
*EBDfD (Expected Business Days for Delivery)

DestinationFirst Book Cost (US$)Extra Book Cost (US$)MINIMUM EBDfDMAXIMUM EBDfDShipment Mode
United States$5.95$2.9537USPS Priority
Canada$11.95$4.9547USPS Priority
Australia$19.95$5.95710*USPS Global Priority
Bahrain$19.95$6.95410Surface Mail
Belgium$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
Denmark$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
France$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
Germany$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
Italy$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
Japan$18.95$5.9547*USPS Global Priority
Kuwait$19.95$6.95410Surface Mail
Netherlands$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
New Zealand$18.95$5.95710*USPS Global Priority
Portugal$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
Qatar$19.95$6.95410Surface Mail
Saudi Arabia$19.95$5.95410Surface Mail
Spain$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
Switzerland$16.95$4.95410*USPS Global Priority
United Arab Emirates$18.95$6.95410Surface Mail
United Kingdom$16.95$4.95410USPS Priority
Western Europe (other)$19.95$5.95510*USPS Global Priority
Other$19.95$6.95714Surface Mail

*USPS Global Priority -- Where and When Available, (Otherwise via Surface Mail)

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